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Help us to help your fellow members of the white working-class find permanent employment, make meaningful connections with other Nationalists, and to ultimately create a living space that is free from corporate censorship and technocratic tyranny.  It’s our job to fight the political elite by putting our money where our values are.

The future starts with you – but Tomorrow belongs to us.

See you there.

–  Hail Victory

Your donations go toward supporting:

  • – Our growing Network of full-time professional activists who are determined to advocate for the white working-class – free from threats of doxxing or hostile employer scrutiny


  • – The expansion of our “National Socializing” community-connection program (IRL or URL), and the financial security of its managers


  • – Administrative salaries, necessary to keep our full attention on organization duties and membership needs – rather than part-time rent slogging and distraction work with corporations who hate us


  • – The beginnings of America’s first voluntary social services program, dedicated to the well-being of dues paying membership (esp. those who have fallen on hard-times) as well as those who do voluntary work for the organization


  • – Seed money for the eventual establishment of co-habitation communities, designed to house our full-time activists, administration, staff and their families


  • – Money to keep the lights on and the website running


  • – Money to facilitate future European liaison meetings and much, much more…